mandag 30. mars 2009

Top 5 songs to play on a monday morning

1) Radiohead - Fitter Happier
2) The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever
3) Bob Marley & The Wailers - Get Up Stand Up
4) The Cure - Plainsong
4) Dum Dum Boys - Splitter Pine

Hvilke er dine?

Great. That's the fun of working in a record store. Playing crappy pap you don't want to listen to. I thought this tape was going to be, you know, a conversation stimulator. I was going to ask you for your top five records to play on a Monday morning and all that, and you just had to ruin it.

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prosalosa sa...

Mother of Pearl av Nellie Mckay!

Big Mouth Strikes Again, Chumbawamba
Play My Darling, Play av Katzenjammer
Well Well Well, Le Tigre
Another Way To Die, Jack White og Alicia Keys

Gina sa...


Jeg sitter heller ved siden av deg en mandag morgen enn han på lesesalen med lady gaga i øreproppene.